Thermal Trend - Lean Subject Index

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  1. Platform Architecture
  2. Mobile data collection solution
  3. Defining standard descriptions of problems to use
  4. Import existing lists of equipment from spreadsheets or databases
  5. Creating and modifying routes and data synchronization
  6. Knowledge-Based Libraries for capturing equipment Information
  7. Capture equipment name plate data
  8. Tracking maintenance activities and comments
  9. Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) evaluations to support Return on Investment (ROI)
  10. Referencing and importing of existing data, past reports and image files.
  11. Web-based solutions for remote, off-site management.
  12. Formatting of Infrared and Visual Images for automatic report generation
  13. Trending of problem conditions over time and comparisons of like equipment.
  14. Thermograms and Visual image analysis and editing of FLIR, FLUKE, Mikron/NEC, Jenoptik, Guide, Dali native image file formats from within Thermal Trend.
  15. Report formats and user-configurable report editing.
  16. Open Architecture SQL design for data exchange between Thermal Trend - Lean and other programs.
  17. History of Thermal Trend - Lean DB


Training Course:

  1. Getting started with the thermography application
    1. Introduction to the thermography application work flow
    2. Inspection Administration features
    3. Creating plant sites within thermography application
    4. Setting parameters, creating and loading a new inspection
    5. Loading & referencing previous inspections


  1. Understanding the thermography software user interface
    1. Screen Navigation
    2. Location / Equipment list views
    3. Report Generation screens



  1. Understanding Equipment Location Information
    1. Adding, modifying, and deleting locations and equipment
    2. Importing lists of equipment into thermography application


  1. Reporting
    1. Benchmark & Baseline Trending Reports
    2. Cost Benefit Analysis
    3. Thermographic Documentation