Our Key Advantage: Thermal Trend - Lean

Key Advantage: Thermal Trend
The key technology that allows Colbert Infrared to truly be the world leader in this market is the development and utilization of a mobile database solution called Thermal Trend - Lean, that allows for the professional accountability and management of infrared predictive maintenance programs.  The focus of Thermal Trend – Lean is that it provides for mobile data collection, reconciliation and standardization of inspection data spanning multiple inspections and facilities.


The inspection data-management procedures that are utilized in Thermal Trend – Lean were developed by Fred Colbert for the US Navy to address the concerns for data integrity, accuracy, and accountability while performing inspections on board U.S. Aircraft Carriers at sea.  The importance in being able to accurately account for the test status of each piece of equipment and trend any problem conditions over time are at the core of Thermal Trend – Lean.  Furthermore the ability to be able to capture and reconcile this data in the field, by the thermographer, while they are performing the inspection and be able to provide that information to management quickly and professionally, is essential to managing a world class infrared program.


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Our success with the design and use of the Thermal Trend™ database system has generated many satisfied and loyal clients. Colbert Infrared Services introduced the Thermal Trend™ system to the predictive maintenance community to address the number one concern of risk managers and maintenance staff - consistency of inspection quality, reporting and problem management. Today, Colbert's thermographers deliver the best, most consistent inspection services for clients both large and small.

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