Colbert Infrared Services, Inc., its principals and employees, assume no liability directly or indirectly for any errors, omissions, fault or neglect in the performance of its works at client's sites.  No warranties or guarantees are made or implied whatsoever, including in regard to the condition of the customer's equipment or facilities, at the time of this inspection or in the future. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on the conditions that were documented in this report. Colbert Infrared Services, Inc., shall not be liable for any errors or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing or use of the data that is collected.


The customer is solely responsible for determining which repairs to make and in which order to make them.

Be  advised that the measured temperature rises and severity classifications are not sufficient unto themselves to fully assess the significance of a problem's severity. Other factors to consider to assess the problem's overall severity are: type of equipment, consequence of failure, availability of spare parts, adequate labor and time to effect repairs, and the environmental and other conditions under which the equipment operates. It is important to understand that a piece of equipment may fail at any time, for a variety of reasons that may not always be able to be foreseen, not just at the critical level. For this fact, no accurate timeline can be created to predict when an electrical failure will occur or how long one can wait to correct a problem.


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