Report / Data Explanations

Colbert Infrared - Electrical Reports

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Executive Summary (Electrical)         
  • This section provides you with a overall perspective of your facility with total number of problem conditions that have been found since the beginning of your Infrared Predictive/Preventative Maintenance Program.  The summary details:
    • Total number of locations that are in the database.
    • Total nunber of pieces of equipment that are in the database.
    • Total number of problems (open and closed) for all inspections.
      • Number of Acute problems
      • Number of Chronic problems
    • Current status of problem conditions
      • Number of Open problems
      • Number of Closed problems
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Priortized list of Problems by Temperature Rise         
  • This report provides you with a quick list of problems priortized by their temperature rise.
    • Location / Equipment details
    • Problem comments
    • Detailed information at critical measurement parameters.
    • Problem Number, Date and time found.
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Thermal Details Report          This section breaks out each of the thermal items that have been documented at the time of the inspection and provides you with detailed information including:
  • Location and Equipments Name
  • Detailed description of the problem that was found
  • Temperature measurements of the problem compared to a similar piece of equipment at the same operating load conditions. 
  • A high resolution thermogram with analysis
  • A matching standard photograph with arrows to easily compare with the terhmogram 
  • Probable cause of the problem
  • Repair Recommendations
  • Complete history of the conditon of this piece of equipment, with temperature measurement values over time,
  • Graphic representation of historical conditions 
  • The lower section of the report is reserved for noting any corrective measures that are done in the field to try to resolve the problem.
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Visual Problem Detail Reports           
  • Documentation of Visual items include:
  1. Standard photo
  2. detailed description of the equipment
  3. Type of problem found
  • This report further provides extensive observations of non-thermal items that are discovered by the thermographer.  Broken and defective equipment, safety and other observations are written up in this report.
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Before vs. After Report

  • This section shows each of the thermal items that have been "closed / proven to be repaired correctly" at the time of the inspection.  It provides you with detail information of the Location and Equipments name, detailed description as to the problem that was found, and temperature measurements before and after repair.
  • This is a critical report to show upper management and Insurance providers to substantiate that problems have been resolved.

Historical Test Status Report

  • This section provides you with a quick view of what equipment was (or was not) tested during each inspection.  Key features of this report are:
    • Inventory is provided based on the route (locations and equipment)
    • Ability to see if equipment as been tested or not-tested over the last 5 inspections, allowing you to make sure that any single piece of equipment does not "fall through the cracks".
    • Quickly see if there is an "Open" problem on a specific piece of equipment and when was the last time it was inspected.
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Access to Final Reports:

  •  Our thermographer will prepare a complete, final report in Adobe .pdf format immediately upon the conclusion of the inspection.
  • This report can be immediately transmitted to the client's site contact by email (as soon as an internet connection is available) or transferred using a thumb drive prior to leaving the premises.  
  • The client can print the report as the client's discretion from this .pdf file.
  • The technician will upload the data to the Colbert Infrared Services, Inc. FTP site.  If requested, a paper report and/or CD, can be color-printed and bound in our Seattle, Washington office and shipped (FedEx) to the client within 5 business days.


  • The technician can upload the data to a FedEx/Kinkos location for printing and shipping at many international locations.


  • Once the data has been uploaded to the Colbert Infrared Services, Inc. server, the client will have access to the reports via our web site. Permissions will be established for new clients to have secure access.

Root Cause Tracking Capabilities


  • Colbert Infrared Services, Inc. has been recording the root cause of electrical anomalies since it first introduced the Thermal Trend™ database. Each client’s database generates its own “knowledge library” over time, from which trends can be tracked on similar findings.
  • Thermal Trend’s “Aged Problem Report” clearly tracks when a problem is identified, when a repair has been scheduled, when the repair has been completed, and then when the problem is confirmed to have been corrected. The confirmation would take place at the next regularly scheduled inspection, or, in the case where the problem is corrected prior to the completion of the current inspection, it would be verified as repaired prior to our technician leaving the site. The problem would still be included as having been observed during the current inspection.



Controlling Your Risks while Lowering Your Costs


The cost of defective electrical/mechanical/building systems can ruin lives, ruin businesses, and includ costs running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  These costs include:

  • Injury or loss of life
  • Repair or replacement of equipment
  • Loss of revenue as a result of downtime
  • Litigation
Colbert Infrared Serivces's Inc inspection program will help you ensure that your systems are diagnosed and protected before catastrophic problems occur.