Fred Colbert Biography

Fred Colbert: President, Level III Certified Thermographer/Instructor


Fred Colbert launched the business that would become Colbert Infrared Services, Inc. in 1984.  At that point he already had seven years of infrared inspection experience under his belt (started in 1977).  He had observed first hand that the industry was not keeping up with the times in the burgeoning information age.  His vision was to deliver uncompromised quality and accuracy in infrared inspections by exploiting technological innovations continuously.  His ability to manage the growth of the company has brought it to be one of the largest and most successful infrared inspection consultancies in North America.

During the same period, Fred developed the Thermal Trend&trade database and successfully brought it to market.  His management of the Thermal Trend&trade global sales force has made Thermal Trend the top selling Infrared predictive maintenance inspection management software program worldwide.

Fred is a Level IIII certified professional thermographer.  He has taught the art and science of thermography since 1993, first through the Academy of Infrared Thermography, and now through the Professional Thermographers Association and Colbert Infrared Services, Inc.  He is responsible for PTA courseware and course oversight world wide, and teaches certified thermographers to ASNT Levels I, II and III standards.  He also teaches specialized application courses throughout the world from Industrial, Research and Development, Materials Evaluation, and surveillance and law enforcement.        

Fred has also been a member of SPIE (International Society for Optics and Photonics) for over 25 years and was the appointed as Conference Chairman of ThermoSense - Infrared Applications XXXV and XXXVI for SPIE International Conference on Defense, Security and Sensing.


ThermoSense is the worlds oldest international conference on Thermal Imaging and Sensing and its Steering Committee is lead by world leaders in thermal imaging.


Fred frequently speaks at international infrared technology conferences, and has had several white papers published. 


His work has been featured in Maintenance Technology magazine twice.  Additionally, Fred testified as an expert witness on infrared surveillance techniques, technology and evidence in the famous Supreme Court privacy case   Kyllo v. United States (1998).


Fred also has a long history of being the authorized Manufacturer's Representative for Infrared Camera Manufactures covering the states of WA, OR, ID, UT, WY, MT, AK and HI. Fred has previously represented AGA, AGEMA FLIR (Inframetrics),Gosetech

Mikron, CDEP, Electrophysics, and Jenoptic and currently is a distributor for FLUKE. He is also a  Certified Consultant, and a member of SPIE, ASNT, NFPA and charter member of The Professional Thermographers Association.        

Fred Colbert - Resume


Fred Colbert has over 25 years of experience in the infrared industry. He is a Level III Certified Thermographer and Instructor. He has been a Manufacturer's Representative of AGEMA INFRARED SYSTEMS and FLIR covering WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, AK, and HI, supporting new and existing PdM, R&D and Law Enforcement customers.

Fred is currently the Manufacturer's Representative for Mikron Infrared, FLUKE and Thermal Trend. Fred's experience includes Product Development with camera manufacturers where he was able to contribute his wide range of knowledge of the industry, applications and equipment. He is a sought after speaker, having addressed many international infrared conferences and has several published white papers and articles in industry trade magazines and was featured on the cover of Maintenance Technology Magazine.

His extensive, high level sales experience includes hands-on product design, product development and designing and implementing marketing plans and product placement strategies. He manages a multinational sales force responsible for developing and maintaining large corporate accounts. Skilled Sales Manager managing a sales force that is spread in various locations including the US, Canada, Mexico and South America, England, the Middle East and Asia. Acute awareness of how geo-cultural differences affects the overall sales strategy.


University of Washington Seattle WA


Academy of Infrared Thermography

Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer / Head Instructor

AGEMA Infrared Systems / FLIR, IR Manufacturers In-House Training Programs

Sales, Systems, Advanced applications for R&D, Military, Medical, Law Enforcement

US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) / US Justice Department

Legal Utilization of IR Cameras for Surveillance and Clandestine Operations

The Professional Thermographers Association

Director  Head Instructor

ASNT - Member 

NFPA - Member



FLUKE 2009 to Present

Products: All Thermal Imaging products


Jenoptic 2009 to Present

Products: All Thermal Imaging equipment


Mikron Instruments 2002-2009

Products: Entire line of Mikron's cameras and equipment

AGEMA/Inframetrics/FLIR 1987-2000

Products: AGEMA Thermovision 450, 470, 210, 489, 900, 550, 570 Territory: WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, AK, HI

Gosetech 1988-1994

Products: Infrared line scanners


Director of, The Professional Thermographers Association, 2000 – Present

Responsible for executive management and oversight of course development as per ASNT-TC-1A guidelines as established by the American Society of Non-destructive Testing. IR program establishment, management, instruction and mentoring of professional Thermographers.

President and Owner, Colbert Infrared Services, 1984-Present

Responsible for successfully running Colbert Infrared Services, Inc., an infrared consulting, software, training and camera sales company. Worldwide clients include Holland America Lines, Hyatt Corporation, Microsoft and Weyerhaeuser. Created and implemented the company vision that by keeping in touch with the latest technology innovations, Colbert Infrared Services has set itself apart from the competition by delivering uncompromised quality and accuracy. Worked extensively with customers to develop superior IR programs through consulting, program management and training. 

Developed an in-house PdM inspection software and database named Thermal Trend and successfully brought the product to market. Responsible for product design and development, testing, product placement and training. Developed strategies to increased overall market penetration. Manage multinational sales force with sales representatives in US, Canada, Mexico and South America, England, the Middle East and Asia. In addition to managing the software sales force, also responsible for managing the sales of consulting, services and training. 

Instructor, Academy of Infrared Thermography, 1993-2003

Taught and certified thermographers to ASNT Level I, Level II and Level III standards as well as conduct specialized application courses throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. Involved extensively in courseware development as well as course structure and delivery. 

Expert Witness, US Department of Justice, 1997

Witness for the US Department of Justice on the Kyllo case, which was presented before he 9th Circuit Court. Provided expert testimony on infrared surveillance techniques, technology and evidence.