Abigail Addington-May - Biography

Abby brings to Colbert her strong experience in Operations and Sales Management which she developed whilst a professional manager in the oil and maritime industries.  Her work with BP Marine was in global marketing and delivery of marine fuels. She was based in London, Houston and Seattle. 


After BP, Abby studied information technology Project Management at the University of Washington which led to her position as Sony's Digital Mapping Field Operations Manager, responsible for data collection and quality for their digital-mapping work in all Northern states from the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean.


Abby is a military veteran who served on active duty with the US Navy for three years, serving at the Pentagon and the former Brooklyn Navy Yard.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from City University, Seattle. 


Originally from Long Island, NY, she now resides in North Attleboro, MA with her husband, two teenage children and loyal, happy dog.  Her passions are world travel, live theater and researching family history.