The Colbert Way

We have always believed that if it's worth doing...Then it's worth doing right!

As you know, the electrical distribution system in your facility is the life blood of the products and services that you provide.  It powers the lights, computers, and equipment that runs your company and having systems in a highly reliable state is vital to your business.  An unexpected electrical failure can range from a small inconvenience to a complete shutdown of your facility, or unfortunately even catastrophic fire and worse…loss of life.    

“You have a lot of choices today when it comes to who, how and when to have an infrared
electrical inspection.  With over 25 years of experience in this business, we have always
felt that our customers have a lot at stake, and their inspections must always be done
right…no exception!”
Fred Colbert

President, CIS, Inc.  Level III Certfied Thermographer & Instructor    

The Colbert Way
We have always believed that customer relationships are built on solid communication, knowledge and trust  Our track recorder with our worldwide clients over all the years is a testament to that belief.  Our customers can trust that Colbert Infrared will get the job done right.  This is what we do, we have no vested interest in selling you repair services or parts; we are professionals who represent your best interests.

The foundation of a high value IR program is based on these 4 key points

1. Relationships:
Managing an IR program is built on the foundation of customer-driven, quality communication.  Understanding our client’s needs and working together as a team to tailor a solid, high value solution is at the heart of everything that we do.  “We take ownership of our actions, and the proven solutions that we provide…we work for you!”

2. System Based, Proven Worldwide Solution:
Using a Relational Database Management System (RDMS) called “Thermal Trend” provides professional accountability for all your asset’s test status history, and cradle to grave tracking and trending of any anomalies that have been found.  This system uses a SQL client/server relationship with a hand held mobile data device for in the field data collection, reconciliation and analysis.  Identifying all of the assets with a small bar code insures that every piece of equipment is inspected and guaranties 100% professional accountability of your equipment. Thermal Trend is the most widely used RDMS system for conducting and managing infrared programs with ten’s -of-millions of electrical assets being managed everyday worldwide!

3. High Value Results:
High value reports with quality information that presents the information in the most logical and relevant format for your needs without leaving any stones unturned. Reports include; Executive Overview, Prioritized Lists of Findings, Item Details with High Quality imagery and historical Trending, Before vs. After repair results, Itemized historical inventory of all equipment’s test status.

4. Teamwork and Follow up (Lean Thinking):
The key is working together to manage your program, track the results of inspections and repair efforts, and provide valuable insight into ways to improve your equipment reliability are a task that is best address by knowledgeable non-vested professionals that focuses on your needs.

We place the highest value on your Infrared inspection program, so please take a closer look at what Colbert Infrared has to offer with our methods of data collection, the quality and value of our reports.  Please give us a call so that we can explain why the “Colbert Way” is based on our belief that if it is worth doing…than it’s worth doing right!